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Scots Go Curling in the Desert

At the recent Winter Olympics, Team Great Britain managed only two medals – a gold in the Women’s Curling and a silver in the Men’s curling. Of the five women and five men who competed, all but two were born in Scotland. The game of curling originated in Scotland in the early 16th century. Even the curling stones used at the Olympics were made out of granite from Ailsa Craig, an island off Scotland’s west coast.

COyotes Curling Club So, it makes sense for the Caledonian Society to stage its own curling event.

Join us on Saturday 30 April at the Arizona Coyotes Curling Club, 2202 West Medtronic Way, Tempe, for what promises to be a fun afternoon.

The session will last from 1pm to 4pm. Those attending can either participate on the ice or spectate, depending on brave everyone feels. Full instruction will be given by Coyote Club members before taking to the ice. The cost for a participant is $30. There is no cost to attend and watch.

There will be a bar with soft drinks and complimentary light snacks, and Brian Dvoret of Impex Beverages will host a Scotch Tasting session. There will be something for everyone, so keep an eye on the Society Website and Facebook pages and come along to what promises to be a fantastic event.

Participation tickets may be purchased on-line:

Our March 2022 Scottish Games

After an enforced two-year break, the 2022 Scottish Games was unquestionably a resounding success. Having moved to a new home at Gilbert Regional Park ion the East Valley, most of those attending were delighted with the venue.

Final attendance figures are yet to be confirmed but numbers were clearly up on 2020, when the Games were staged in Phoenix. President David McBee said, "With Highland Games around the country shutting down, the 57th Phoenix Scottish Highland were survival games to keep the tradition alive. We succeeded and the games were well attended.

"New areas were added. A new venue allowed for all of this to come together for a memorable weekend. We survived and will have games in 2023."

All the usual events and competitions were there, everything from heavyweight events and Highland dancing to pipe bands and clan tents. A new addition to the musical program was the Friday night Twilight Tattoo which featured not just pipe bands but an impressive Fife and Drum band from California.

All in all, it was a phenomenally successful event and many thanks are due to all who organized, participated, volunteered and attended.

James McBain of McBain

The Society has been saddened to learn of the death of James McBain of McBain, 22nd Chief of the Clan MacBean, and a man who was for many years a great supporter of the Caledonian Society.

As a long time resident of Tucson, Chief McBain was a regular attender at our annual Scottish Games where he performed the tradition role of Games Chieftain with dignity. Ironically he passed away on Sunday 7 March, while day two of our Games were in full swing.

James Hughston McBain, who died aged 94, was one of only four clan chiefs to reside in the United States and had been ill for some time. He died in a hospice in Tucson surrounded by his family.

An announcement by the Clan stated, "It is with great sadness that we share the news of the passing of our 22nd Chief, James McBain of McBain. He had led the Clan McBain great dedication and distinction for 45 years."

His son Richard, who acted as Chieftain of the Phoenix Games this year, will succeed his father as the clan’s 23rd Chief.

Here McBain is welcomed as Chief of the Games in 2017

Chief McBain 2017 Games

A Tribute from Society President David McBee

James McBain became the 22nd Hereditary Chief of Clan MacBean in 1979 when taking over from his father. Chief MacBean spent much of his life traveling to various games around the country and attending many events and counsels in Scotland to support the Scottish Diaspora both in the US and Scotland. Much of his efforts helped to solidify cooperation among the modern Clan Chiefs.

To accidently meet such a prominent player in the Clan Societies had a big impact on my life. He immediately claimed me as a sept of his Clan and spent the next hour teaching me the background of the Clan and the prominent impact my Sept had here in America and in a town I grew up in. I had known none of that history and I was immensely impressed by his warmth and compassion for the Celtic Peoples. I have always looked forward to seeing him at every event I could attend. His warm greeting and smile always met me regardless of what he was physically going through.

Chief James McBain of MacBean will be greatly missed and has left several roles for us to try and fill. His son Richard McBain is now Chief of Clan MacBean and can use much support.

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Some Photos from the Games

The Twilight Tattoo, March 4, 2022

Tattoo March 4, 2022

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