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Robert WilbanksSociety Membership Benefits

by Robert M. Wilbanks IV, B.A.
Chief Genealogist & Historian, C.S.A.

I wanted to take this opportunity to remind you that one-hour of free genealogy research consultation, with the Chief Genealogist, is one of the benefits of membership in the Caledonian Society of Arizona. Normally, the consultation would happen at a library or coffee house with a laptop computer connected to the wi-fi. Together we would discuss your specific genealogy problem and explore best potential online genealogy resources specifically related to your case. Unfortunately, we are currently experiencing difficult times, making this person-to-person one-on-one assistance difficult. However, I’d like to present some ideas for options to attempt to renew this benefit in these difficult times.

One option is by e-mail. Contact me and let me know who you are, that you are a C.S.A. member, and send me a brief and clear overview of your particular genealogy lineage that you need help with. I can review the case, explore the internet and send you some ideas. Or, if you have an Ancestry account, or MyHeritage account, or various other genealogy web subscription account, send me your username and password to that account, and I can review the lineage you want help with, conduct research for about an hour and add to your lineage in your genealogy account. I can also follow-up with any ideas and thoughts by e-mail.

Another option, the current new normal for meetings, is a live online meeting through Zoom or Skype, or other online meeting method. I’m still trying to learn the technology, but I can set up a one-hour online meeting with any interested members. We can discuss your case, and I can share my screen exploring the various websites and informing you of the possibilities.

Meanwhile, as the “Chief Genealogist & Historian” of The Caledonian Society of Arizona, I will provide the following benefits and services strictly to C.S.A. members:

  1. a key member benefit will be the more in-depth one-on-one special one-hour consultation provided to each member annually, during the membership year, with each renewal
  2. answer quick questions and provide some assistance to members during meetings
  3. annual genealogy presentation at a monthly C.S.A. meeting
  4. possibly provide irregular short (10, 15, 20 minute) presentations on occasion at various meetings, whenever a computer presentation is already being set up for a guest speaker
  5. genealogy column in the C.S.A. newsletter
  6. assist with a webpage with genealogy research information and links and more

Lastly, and additionally, through my business Ancestral Pride : Professional Genealogy Services, I will provide a discounted fee schedule, only available to C.S.A. members, who may wish to hire my professional services for a more extensive genealogy research project.

Remember that this only applies to any family names with Scottish roots, including in the United States, Canada. Some English and Irish connections may also be applicable.

Please know that I am most happy to help you to the best of my ability and when I am able. I am volunteering my time for this benefit for you, but I am still working a full-time job, from home, that has become more difficult because of the current times, and I am overwhelmed by other life matters. There may be delays in my reply to your e-mail, and scheduling could be difficult. Your patience is greatly appreciated. If I am unable to deal with your consultation for whatever reason, I can direct you to fellow genealogist Iain Lundy, also a member of the Arizona Council of Professional Genealogists.

This is another of a series of articles in which I show you the basics of searching for your family history, discussing the use of family records, public records, and online resources nationally and internationally, etc. The previous articles are now available on the Genealogy Section of this website.   See “Genealogy” in the menu options at the top of the web page.