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In this Issue - 55th Phoenix Scottish Games Recap

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March Gathering - Whisky, Wine and Chocolate

For March we have rescheduled the Whiskey, Wine and Chocolate event originally planned for valentines Day. Let's keep up the romance!

Whiskey Wine Chocaolate

There will be a presentation about how Scots celebrate the day, and the opportunity to taste pairings of Whisky, Wine, and Chocolate. At our 6.30pm mix and mingle session, there will be bubbly and special Valentine goodies available.

If you have a favorite Scottish-themed romantic verse or piece of prose, please bring it along and  read it out – it will help get us all in the mood.
As well as the normal 50/50 raffle prizes, there will be Valentine baskets, a signed book by Diana Gabaldon, and many more.

The event will be held at the Irish Cultural Center, 1106 N Central Avenue, Phoenix. Admission is free to members, $10 for non-members.

April 6 is Tartan Day! Watch for imformation about events.

The 55th Annual Phoenix Scottish Games - March 2-3, 2019

SAMS Color Guard

The Scottish American Military Society Color Guard Opens the Games

Chieftain of the Games Richard McBain, McBain the Younger, Tanist, Clan McBain presided over the Opening.

He was joined by an impressive list of clan dignitaries: Robert Currie, Commander of the Name and Arms, Clan Currie; Mark McLaren, President, Clan MacLaren Society North America; Paul Ross, President, Clan Ross America; Duane Stewart, President, Clan Stewart Society in America; Dennis MacAlister, Chairman, Clan MacAlister; Jerry Minnis, Chief’s Commission North Americas, Clan Menzies.

Entertainment at the 55th Games
Don Finch

In addition to crowd favorites The Wicked Tinkers, Scott Jeffers & Traveler, Iain Walinck & Stoneybank, de Mairt Ceol, ar Turas, Open Beta and Chris Yates (and his alter egos) ….

We had something new this year, modeled after the young bands that perform at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Three middle-school and high-school groups performed in the Learners Arms and the KiltLifter™ Tap Room.

Young Pipers

The Cambridge Avenue Pipers – a group of 12- to 16-year-old boys taking lessons from Master Piper Len Wood. Accompanied by two young Highland Dancers, sisters of two of the lads!


Sonoran Foothills Jazz Band

The Sonoran Foothills Jazz Band – 7th and 8th grade students under the direction of Ms. Kim Terrell, from the Sonoran Foothills K-8 School in north west Phoenix!


Mountain View Fiddlers

The Mountain View Fiddlers – a group of young fiddlers (and a couple of parents) who are apprentices of Peter ‘Doc’ Rolland, multiple-year Arizona State fiddle champion and renown musician and teacher.

Photo: Julia Di Grazia

The Learners Arms Music & Folklore Tent featured two lectures:

 “When and why Scots immigrated to America, where they settled, and how they fared” by Iain Lundy who hails from Ayrshire and was a journalist in Scotland for more than 40 years before moving to the U.S. in 2015. He’s a writer, blogger, researcher and genealogist, and is now Editor of the Caledonian Society’s newsletter, The Desert Highlander. In 2016 he published a terrific book titled ‘Between Daylight and Hell – Scots Who Left A Stain On American History’.

“Early History and Legends of the Scots” by Alice Natale. Alice is on the Board of the Library Friends of Payson; she’s Past Chief Daughter of the ‘Monarch of the Glen Lodge’ of the Daughters of Scotia; President of the Women’s Ministry Team at Mount Cross Lutheran Church in Payson; and an active member of the Arizona Branch of Clan Donnachaidh.

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Pipes and Drums Results - 55th Games
Don Finch

Under the direction of Area Chairman Alasdair Martin, the 2019 Competition hosted the following bands:

Cameron Highlanders of San Diego County (CA)
Clan Gordon Pipe Band (Tacoma, WA)
Glendale Pipes and Drums
High Desert Pipes and Drums (Albuquerque, N.M.)
Mesa Caledonian Pipe Band
Phoenix Pipe Band
Tucson and District Pipe Band

Grade III 1st Place - John L. Ferrell Memorial Trophy
MSR:    1st Place, Phoenix P.B.; 2nd Place, Mesa Caledonian P.B.
Medley: 1st Place, Phoenix P.B.; 2nd Place, Mesa Caledonian P.B.
Overall Winner*: Phoenix P.B.

Grade IV 1st Place - W.J. McClanathan Memorial Trophy
MSR: 1st Place – Tucson & District P.B.; 2nd Place: High Desert P.D.;
      3rd Place: Clan Gordon P.B.
Medley:   1st Place – Glendale P.B.; 2nd Place: Tucson & District P.B.;
       3rd Place: Clan Gordon P.B.
Overall Winner*: Tucson & District P.B.

Grade V 1st Place - Capt. N.L. Finch, SD&G Highlanders Memorial Trophy
QMM: 1st Place, Phoenix P.B; 2nd Place, Cameron Highlanders S.D.
MSM: 1st Place; Cameron Highlanders S.D.; 2nd Place: Phoenix P.B.
Overall Winner*: Cameron Highlanders S.D.

Alasdair Martin

Alasdair Martin is affiliated with the MCPB, L.A. Scots P.B. and the 2018 Gd. II World Champions City of Dunedin (FL) Pipe Band.

Alasdair resides in Charlotte, NC

First Place Trophy

Example of the 1st Place Trophies Grade III

John L Ferrell - Grade III

WJ McClanathan - Grade IV

Capt. N.L. Finch
SD&G Highlanders
- Grade V

McClanathan trophy

The Wheaton McClanathan Sr. Memorial Trophy

Presented to the Overall* Winners for Grade III, Grade IV
and Grade V

Athletics - 55th Games
Michelle Crownhart

The athletic events were once again a major success, with an incredible four new world records, a tied world record, and 34 new field records set by the competitors. Athletics director Michelle Crownhart said, “There were untold numbers of personal bests at all levels of the competition. What a fantastic performance from all of the athletes this year.

A world records was set by Peter Doyle in the Men’s LW 200 weight over bar section, with a weight of 42 lbs and a distance of 19ft 1in. Mikaela Sullivan set tow world records in the Women’s LW 150 class, for the heavy hammer and light hammer throws. And Sarah Stephenson broke the world record in the Master Women 70+ class.

Open section Field records were set by Sean Burns, Peter Doyle, Karl Gehrke, Christena Georgas-Burns, Felicia Baker, Susan Burris, Rachel Pulido, Debra Danley, Amaris Saldate, Mikaela Sullivan, Mona Malec, and Sarah Stephenson.

Athletic Competition Results  Saturday March 2, 2019

MEN <200
MEN 50-59
Felicia Baker Peter Doyle Brent Abbott
Ashley Weber Karl Gehrke Andrew McCreery
Christena Georgas-Burns Yoshio Adachi Michael Mulliniks
MEN 60+
WOMEN <150
Larry Sisseck Jarvina Routt Mona Malec
Mike Sampson Mikaela Sullivan Libby Carsaez
Neal Jones Rachel Smith Michelle Douglas

Athletic Competition Results  Sunday March 3, 2019

Sean Burns Levi Lacey Owen Donohue
Chad Thompson Phillip Fry Nick Johnson
Sean Smith Dave Dennehey Randy Johnston
MEN 40-49
WOMEN 40-49
Susan Burris Max Sadtler Denise Ryan
Rachel Pulido Adrian Corzine Katy Horgan
Yolanda Torres Norman Rugh MicMichele Green

4 New World Records - 1 Tied World Record - 34 New Field Records

Untold numbers of Personal Bests at all levels of the competition!

What a fantastic performance from all of the athletes this year!
Additional Results and Throw Measurementscan be found at

Genealogy Report - 55th Games
Robert M. Wilbanks IV

The Official C.S.A. Genealogy & Family History Tent was again a big hit at this year’s 55th Annual Phoenix Scottish Games. Most people merely passed through to view our maps and books, many leaving more interested than when they came in and very much impressed.

Genealogy tentGenealogy tent

Additionally, I and my team of about ten expert volunteer genealogists, in personal one-on-one interactions, helped a great number of people begin to discover their Scottish roots and many left absolutely thrilled and excited by our finds.

Clans Report - 55th Games
Mark Pelletier

The Clan Village hosted 38 Clans and 7 Scottish organizations for 2019.
The Best Clan Tent Award was presented to Clan MacCallum-Malcolm

Also represented on the Noth Field were: C.R.O.F.T, the Society for Creative Anachronism, Phoenix Society of Historical Swordsmenship and the Air Force Reserve Obstacle Course.

MacCallum-Malcolm MacFarlane
Currie Donnachaidh
MacLeod Wallace
Duane Stewart, President, Clan Stewart Society in America (left), is pictured with the Clan's Arizona State Commissioner Jack Stewart at their tent in the Clan Village Caln Stewart
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Pictures from around the Games

Isaac as Braveheart  Irush Wolfhound

Rod Stewart impersonator   Woody MacCloud

Nessie   Paisley

Jim Carlisle   David Marshall

Sierra Grace   Sarah Noble and Nessie

Photo Credits: Alexandra Munro and Bethany Mathers Tso

British Cars - 55th Games
Phil and Shirley Blahak

A hghly successful cars competition drew entrants from far and wide.

Jaguar XKE   The winner of the President’s Choice, selected by Society President David McBee, was Cathie Abramowich with her 1969 Jaguar XKE.  
Mini Smoke   The Chairman’s Choice, chosen by Paul Bell, was Shirley Blahak’s 1967 Austin Moke.
  The Saturday People’s Choice winner was Scott Morrison with his 2018 3-wheeled Morgan.
McLaren MP4   The Sunday People’s Choice winner was Lance Johson and his 2014 McLaren MP4.

The People’s Choice awards, one on each day, were chosen by the general public, which raised $264 for the Society’s Scholarship Fund.

The various class winners were: Jaguar, Cathie Abramowich, 1969 XKE; Early MG, Dan and Norma Johansen, 1952 MGTDC; MGB, Don Taylor, 1965 model; MGA, Emery Booth, 1958 model; Morgan, Arvin Bernstein, 1986 Plus 8; Classic Mini, Shirley Blahak, 1963 Morris Traveler; Modern Mini, Philip Blahak, 2016 Clubman; Modern Mini Cabrio, Sherry Denecker, 2019 model; Mini Commercial, Philip Blahak, 1979 Royal Mail van; One of a Kind 1900s, J Heath, 1958 Morris Minor pickup; One of a Kind 2000s,Paul Jankowski, 2005 Lotus Elise; Triumph TR, John Reynolds, 1971 TR6; Other Triumphs, John and Kathy Nuss, 1966 Spitfire.

Games Chieftain Paul Bell Recognized

Games Chueftain Paul Bell

Games Chieftain Paul Bell was presented with a special trophy, a tartan ribbon and a book as a thank you for the effort he has put into organizing the event in recent years. He received the surprise presentation from President David McBee.

President's Letter
David McBee

Our 55th Games event was this past weekend, and from what feedback I have gotten, this was the best games in memory. We received many compliments, with people saying the games were staged like they are in Scotland.  The music was great with special thanks to the fiddlers in the Learner’s Arms. The North field lay out was a hit with the participants and the guests.  Many vendors did record sales, the food was excellent, the bands and the cars area were both outstanding. I think dance had a major turnout and the early results are that we have matched our attendance records in spite of the foul looking weather and a few sprinkles.

Many thanks to all who worked to make this happen, a job well done. There are always issues but we learn each year and continue to make improvements and eliminate old issues. Each success should be celebrated as some are more difficult to achieve than others. We keep getting better and most guests never see the problems. I met quite a few excited people that just had to find out how to join the Society. They were directed to our merchandise booth for Ginni and helpers to get it all taken care of. Make sure to meet and greet any new faces at our upcoming meetings. Keep the flame alive.

It is also that time of year to renew your membership in the Society. We look forward to seeing you at the events and hope you can get involved and enjoy the society.

Our next meeting will be on March 14th at the ICC castle and there will be chocolate and special libations involved for a special Valentine’s evening out. Red everywhere. We had to reschedule due to the risks from the bad weather projections.  Besides, what Scot is not up for more romance

We will be putting together a victory event for all the members and volunteers from our games soon. We are still in recovery mode so more news will be forthcoming.


Membership Reminder

Membership dues for 2019 are:
- - $30.00 single and $50.00 Family (at the same address)

It's easy - just jump to the Membership Page for information.

Society Gatherings
Membership gatherings are often held on the second Thursday of each month, many at the Irish Cultural Center, 1106 N. Central Ave., Phoenix - others around the Valley - usually beginning at 6:30 pm. Please check our website for further details.

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