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 2015 Games Report from Paul Bell  Recipes from Flour of Scotland
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 U.K. Elections - Impact on Scotland  May Celebrations
 Historical Events in Scotland Sir Jackie Stewart
 Suggested Reading Deep Thoughts
 Desert Shamrock Article on the Games

May Meeting

May 14 at the ICC - A Knight to Remember

We’ll be under the stars in the ICC’s courtyard for a special evening with demonstrations by:

  • Society of Historical Swordsmanship
  • SCA – Society for Creative Anachronism
    (Arts and skills of the pre-17th Century)
  • C.R.O.F.T.  (Celtic Reenactment Org. for Fellowship and Trades)
AA Knight to Remember

Menu: Scottish-style Meat Pies, Salad, Rolls, Dessert, Coffee, Tea
Members: No Charge       Non-members: $5.00 donation requested
6:30 pm Social Half Hour, 7:00 pm Dinner,
followed by Historical Demonstrations

RSVP! to: - number of people attending

Letter from Editor, Don Finch

Dear fellow Caledonians,

It's now been over a month since the 51st Annual Scottish Gathering & Highland Games. Treasurer David McBee is still waiting on late invoices from suppliers and late payments from vendors, but hopes to have the final results soon.

To learn more, read Games Chairman Paul Bell's summary, and consider the following 'Fun Facts' from Jackie Carro, our PR & Marketing expert:

  • CSA was granted its request by the Governor to proclaim March as Celtic Month
  • 14 new vendors exhibited in the Loch Ness Fashion District, and 6 new sponsors were added to last year's total
  • 5 new World Records were set (Mona Malec (4) and Edie Lindeburg (1) in the 'Women's World Championship' events,
  • AZ Highland Games Facebook 'likes' were up 17%; CSA Facebook page 'likes' were up 15%
  • on-line ticket sales doubled over last year, and discount ticket sales (via Living Social) maxed out 4 weeks earlier than 2014
  • whisky sales were up 42% over last year. Glenmorangie tasting seminar participants up 23% over last year
  • press and media coverage in the weeks leading up to the Games weekend was phenomenal! Every local TV station, plus print outlets state-wide featured our dancers, pipers, athletes and whisky drinkers!
  • You can relive the Games weekend with photos supplied by Jackie below.

Don Finch

In addition to the affirmation we receive from guests, vendors and participants regarding our annual Gathering & Games, the Society was recently recognized by the State House of Representatives for our contributions to the Scottish community in Arizona.

We hope you'll attend the May 14th meeting at the ICC - it will be 'A Knight to Remember' as we are entertained with May Medieval Madness!

2015 Games Report
By Paul Bell, Games Chairman and Board Member

First off a big ‘thank you’ to all our members who helped to make this year’s event a success.


Our first day of set-up got off to a slow, rainy start, but that gave way to a beautiful weekend! We had lots of happy guests who were treated to pipers piping and drummers drumming, lots of vendors selling their wares, and some great food and root beer!!

MusiciansWe had the bands in the Ghillie Dhu Pub working the stage, and the Four Peaks and Belhaven tasting bars were flowing! The Glenmorangie tent was very full all weekend with record numbers of attendees for the scotch whisky tastings!

The kids had a great time visiting the Wee Ones area, and the dance competition was stellar as usual! Our educational, and Clans areas were busy all day with visitors learning more about their heritage and history.

We even had Nessie join us for the weekend - hanging out in the Loch Ness Fashion District! Across the field, the athletes were busy tossing cabers and stones and hammers and trying to get that sheaf over the bar! There were some personal records set as well as several world records during the competition!!

Female AthleteAnd even though most of them were Minis, I can’t go on without mentioning the British car show!! Some great autos were on display on the lower field, with lots of people drooling over them both Saturday and Sunday!

And even though most of them were Mini’s, I can’t go on without mentioning the British car show!! Some great autos were on display on the lower field, with lots of people drooling over them both Saturday and Sunday!

Over 50 Clans attended teh event and welcomed many visitors throughout the weekend. Clan Colquhoun was awarded the Best Tent trophy.

Clan Colquhoun tent 2015

All in all it was a great weekend! We had some glitches, but have already started on finding fixes. I am looking forward to working with those returning Area Chairs and new Area Chairs, as well as our great members who volunteer.  I’ll be in getting plans for the next year’s Games started in the very near future. Put March 19 and 20, 2016 on your calendar now!

Wolfhounds Country Dance

Your Society at the Arizona Legislature

State Rep. Kelly Townsend formally introduced CSA Members Don Finch, David McBee and Keith Waldrop on the floor of the House of Representatives.

CSA at the AZ Legislature

She spoke of the Society's role of promoting Scottish culture across the State through athletics, dance, music, history and genealogy, for over 50 years. 

Rep.Townsend also pointed out Governor Ducey's Proclamation of March as Celtic Month, and invited all members of the House to attend the 51st Annual Scottish Gathering & Highland Games the following weekend of March 21 and 22.

The Society appreciates Representative Kelly Townsend's formal introduction to the Legislature, and to several other State Representatives who told us of their Scottish Heritage and were interested in our desire to have April 6th named as Tartan Day statewide - a project we're working on for 2016.

AZ Legislature

Representative Kelly Townsend

Representative Kelly TownsendKelly represents District 16 (parts of Mesa plus Apache Junction and Gold Canyon) in the Arizona House of Representatives. She served in the US Navy and has been in management positions with Miller's Outpost, Ashland (OR) Community Hospital and US Airways. She is also connecting to her Scottish roots through Clan Sinclair.

Kelly is working with the CSA Board on locating a sister city in Scotland for Mesa. She was also a guest of honor at our recent Scottish Gathering & Highland Games.

U.K. Elections - Impact on Scotland
BBC report provided by John Clinkenbeard, Our Man in Edinburgh

John Swinney, the SNP's deputy First Minister of Scotland, told the Today programme this morning that the heart of its manifesto - due out later today - would be to end austerity in the UK as a whole, and would support Labour to bring that about.

Scotlan Elections

This may sound great for Labour and Ed Miliband. But it is in fact pretty much his worst nightmare.

How so?

Well, Labour last week put at the heart of its manifesto that if elected it would get the government's deficit and debt down in the course of the next parliament, and to that end there would be cuts in non-protected public services (or everything but schools, health and overseas aid).

It did that partly because all its polling showed that in England it would need to demonstrate what it thinks of as "fiscal credibility" to get a hearing from undecided voters.

So it is quite definitely not an act of amity and solidarity with its putative Labour brothers for the SNP, led by Nicola Sturgeon, to tell voters that she'll get the Tories out, get Labour in and make sure Labour won't stick to its fiscal promises.

The great fear for Labour is that its recent progress in England will be derailed, while its collapsing vote in Scotland remains shattered.

Which if you are a Tory, you may think is great. And in fact the Tories are currently shouting from the rooftops about Labour being bossed by the SNP.

But the Conservatives could yet live to regret the consequence of campaigning on the supposed poisonous embrace offered by Sturgeon to Miliband - because it brings the risk for the UK of constitutional and economic crisis.

How so?

Well, the Tories may hope that by alleging a Labour government would be backseat-driven from Edinburgh they'll persuade enough floating voters to switch to them, and secure an overall majority.

However all the opinions currently demonstrate that's profoundly unlikely - it would require a shift of votes late in a campaign on a scale for which I can find no modern precedent.

A far more plausible outcome is that the Tories end up with a few more seats than Labour, on the back of a slightly bigger share of the vote - and would therefore have first dibs on trying to form a government, under our constitutional convention.

But if the SNP end up getting the number of seats that currently looks likely - not a million miles from 50 - and the Liberal Democrats slump to less than 30 (which also looks likely, right now), it may be impossible for the Tories to form either a workable coalition or an effective minority government on the so-called confidence-and-supply basis (whereby it would secure the backing of smaller parties for measures crucial to its ability to govern).

At that point, Labour would presumably have its chance to form a government. But it has ruled out a formal coalition with the SNP. And it is very difficult to see how it could form any kind of more loose partnership with the SNP which would not look profoundly undemocratic to many English citizens, insulting to its residual loyalists in Scotland and therefore lethal to its long-term reputation.

Could Labour form a credible government if it had fewer seats and fewer votes than the Tories, and having spent its campaign repudiating the advances of the SNP? That seems implausible.

Out of this mess, perhaps a very odd and paradoxical alliance could be forged, as Robert Harris mused in yesterday's Sunday Times, between a Tory party recognising that union with Scotland no longer serves its own existential interests and an SNP whose priority is to secure constitutional independence from the rest of the UK coupled with a continued monetary union.

As Harris pointed out, alliances as strange have been forged in our parliamentary history - and the logic of securing power can trump ideological and emotional differences.

More likely however is that the UK would need another general election in short order.

Which all sounds a bit inconvenient, but from an economic perspective could be a bit worse than that. Business leaders tell me they would expect an investment hiatus by companies during the unstable interregnum, bankers tell me overseas investors would shun the UK and city traders anticipate a sharp and destabilising fall in the pound; .

It would be the equivalent of a big chill hitting Britain, that temporarily undermines economic activity.

So because of the way that Scotland's resources are determined by the UK's budget, via the block-grant arrangements, it may be completely reasonable for the SNP to campaign in this election to end austerity for the whole of the UK.

But the consequences of its decision to exercise that logic are unpredictable.

Scottish Historical Events in April and May
by Jo Ramsdell

April 16 - the Battle of Culloden

The Battle of Culloden also called The Battle of Drummossie (it was fought on Drummossie Moor overlooking Inverness) was the last full-scale battle to take place on British soil, and also the last stand of an ancient royal dynasty which traced its ancestry back to the Dark Age Kingdom of Dalriata and beyond.   It is also the place where the Highland clan culture of Scotland sang its last song.  The Battle of Culloden meant quite simply, the end of an era for Scotland.

The Battle of Culloden

This battle was the last of the great Jacobite risings—popular attempts to reinstate a Stuart monarch on the throne of Britain and was led by Charles Edward Stuart who was known as Bonnie Prince Charlie or the Young Pretender.  Charles Edward was the grandson of the deposed King James II of England.  Charles Edward’s father, James Edward Stuart, the Old Pretender, had previously tried unsuccessfully to be reinstated as King.

The battle, which lasted only 40 minutes was the bloodiest of all the Jacobite battles.  It resulted in bitter defeat for the heavily outnumbered Jacobites.  Some 1,000 of the Young Pretender’s army were killed by the 9,000 Redcoats who lost only 50 men.  Bonnie Prince Charlie survived, was hunted for weeks before making his escape (another story altogether) to France.  The Jacobite cause, however, did not survive.  Culloden marked the end of any serious attempt to restore the Stuart dynasty to the British throne.   

May 12, 1725  --  The Raising of the Black Watch Regiment

The Black Watch Regiment was commissioned under General Wade to police the Highlands.  It was raised in a unique way.  In the wake of the 1715 Jacobite rebellion companies of trustworthy Highlanders were raised from loyal clans; Campbells, Grants, Frasers, Monros.  Starting in 1725 six companies were formed and stationed in small detachments across the Highlands to prevent fighting between the clans, deter raiding and assist in enforcing the laws against the carrying of weapons.

Black Watch tartanThe original uniform was a twelve yard long plaid of the dark tartan which is now so well known as The Black Watch tartan.  The men were armed with a musket and bayonet, a broadsword and generally also a pistol and dirk.  The title “The Black Watch” was derived from the dark color of the tartan and the original role of the regiment to “watch” the Highlanders.

In 1739 King George II authorized the raising of four additional companies and these all to be formed into a Regiment of the Line of the regular army.  In 1743 the new regiment was ordered to march to London for an inspection by the King.  However word had it that the Regiment was to be shipped to the unhealthy climate of the West Indies.  Many of the men believed they had been enlisted only for service in Scotland and decided to return home.  Leaving London and marching by night over a hundred of them reached Northamptonshire before they were eventually surrounded and brought back to London.  They were tried by court martial and the leaders were condemned to be shot.

Black Watch

The remainder of the Regiment proceeded to Flanders for action against the French.  It must remain a question for speculation whether the 1745 Jacobite Rebellion could ever have taken place had the Black Watch been left fulfilling its role in policing the Highlands rather than being posted to the Continent two years previously.

Mystery Member

Mystery member

This modest member claims to have been a bodyguard for the original Superman.

Perhaps HE is not old enough to know just how old the original Superman was!

We not talking about George Reeves here, but rather the comic book character who inspired the TV show, and of course, the even more recent movies.

Anyway, can you se through the disuguise and identify our Mystery Member?

No? The asnwer is at the end of this newsleetter.

Coming Events

May 9-10 Prescott Highland Games
May 14 Society Meeting at the ICC 6:30 PM
May 16-17 Rio Grande Celtic Fest & Highland Games in Albuquerque

Recipes from the Society's Flour of Scotland Cookbook

CSA Cookbook cover

Atholl Brose                                  Jean Whyman

1 x 750 ml bottle Scotch whisky        1/2 pt. double cream
1 lb. clear honey                             whites of 6 eggs
1 handful of oatmeal (fine ground)

Soak the oatmeal in the whisky. Beat egg whites until stiff.
Then fold the cream into them. Add the honey. Very slowly blend in the whisky and oatmeal. Pour into bottles and store for 1 week, shaking occasionally.
This recipe settles to about half the quantity as it matures.

Note: Atholl Brose is a Scottish drink obtained by mixing oatmeal brosehoneywhisky, and sometimes cream (particularly on festive occasions). When made with cream the drink is rather like Baileys Irish Cream. Atholl Brose has also become an alternative name for the dessert Cranachan, which uses similar ingredients.According to legend, the drink is named after the 1st Earl of Atholl, who quashed a Highland rebellion in 1475 by filling the rebel leader's well with the mixture, making him easily captured. (Wikipedia)

Scotch Eggs                                  Beth Phillips

2 lb. sausage meat                         1 cup dry breadcrumbs
2 eggs beaten                                vegetable oil (for frying)
12 eggs, hard-boiled and peeled        bread crumbs

Combine sausage meat, 2 beaten eggs, and bread crumbs. Form
sausage meat around hard-boiled eggs and roll ball in dry breadcrumbs
to coat the outside. Deep fry the eggs until golden brown (approx. 7-10 mins.)

Suggested Reading - The Secrets of Islay - by Robert Kroeger

The Secrets of IslayThe story begins with seven people enjoying a single malt tasting in one of Islay’s distilleries. Their challenge is to solve the puzzle, “quid est veritas.” One of the group, Caballo Blanco, having adopted that nickname during a hailstorm on Machrie links, has an idea that might unearth answers: to stage a golf tournament and marathon on the island. ‘Caballo becomes director of this challenge and meets several seasoned islanders who narrate local history, opening his eyes to the real story behind Islay. He struggles at first but is determined to stage the competitions and highlight this remote, charming island and its incredibly gracious people, the Ileachs.

Three years later, the seven meet again on Islay to compete in the Queen of the Hebrides Open and the Single Malt Marathon, events that raise funds for the local high school. Several run their first marathon. Others can’t run. Some play golf. A few drink the whisky. Lives changed.

During their adventures in golf – on Scotland’s blindest of the blind, marathon running, and single malt drinking, the seven hear stories of Iron Age cultures, stone circles, standing stones, Celtic crosses, ruined castles, and mansions of medieval lairds.

The marathon, praised by runners as Scotland’s most scenic, takes a point-to-point route around Loch Indaal, the same sea inlet that Viking-Scot warriors used when, as Lords of the Isles, they controlled the sea lanes and ruled the western shores of Scotland. A visit to Islay is more than simply a chance to run a marathon or play in a golf tournament or drink their famous spirits.

In the end, Caballo and friends find answers and solve the puzzle, thanks to a 95-year-old, a weathered Ileach whose roots trace back four centuries to the Clan MacDonald. Yes, Islay revealed its secrets. (Summary provided by the author)


Desert Shamrock Article on the Games - by Jackie Carro

Undeniably it was one for the books, a successful Scottish Gathering & Highland Games indeed. Last month the Caledonian Society of Arizona, a 501c3, non-profit organization whose mission is to promote Scottish culture through art & culture, education, athletics, and food served up their 51st annual event.

The Games, featuring all the traditional favorites such as competitive highland athletics, live music, Highland & Scottish Country dancing, Glenmorangie Scotch seminars & tastings as well as playing host to over 50 clans and several world-class pipe bands, the Caledonian Society did not disappoint! Always on the cusp of something new, the Loch Ness Fashion District was added, serving as home to three local designers, the Casablanca-Kristoff Cigar Lounge, the Chandon & Cloudy Bay Wine Bar within a setting of Celtic | Tribal | World music, Scottish Country dance, solo performances, vendors and new sponsors. Additionally, we can’t forget our mascot, even after an exhausting two-week long Valley tour, our own Nessie (designed and crafted by local artisan Iain Walinck) made an appearance! She made her first stop at a parade in Goodyear, continued on to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and kicked off the Games “Nessie-style” at Changing Hands Phoenix @ the Newton, then to the Westin Kierland for the popular Pipe Jam & Glenmo Tasting. Thanks to David McBee for playing handler and chauffer during Nessie’s rigid schedule of varied media appearances and photo opportunities!

Speaking of photo ops, did you check out the free photo booth in the Glenmo Lounge this year? Glenmorangie drew in more patrons this year than ever before, sampling the 18 year with two cocktails along-side our “usual” favorites.

It’s reported that six world records were broken at the Glenmorangie Scottish Gathering & Highland Games in Arizona. Kudos and applause to:

Mona Malec- W/R 45-49- 21# Weight Over Bar 19’6”
Mona Malec- W/R 45-49- 21# Heavy Weight Distance 47’5”
Mona Malec- W/R 45-49- 14# Light Weight Distance 64’10”
Mona Malec – W/R 45-49 12# Light Hammer 87’ 8.5”
Edie Lindeburg- W/R 45-49 10# Sheaf 20’6”
(In 2014 Adriane Wilson set a record - 28# Heavy Weight Distance of 53’ 4”)

Another honorable shout-out is also in order to Clan Colquhoun, who has been awarded the Best Clan Tent trophy for the 2015 Glenmorangie Scottish Gathering and Highland Games! The winner's plate will be inscribed "2015 - Clan Colquhoun”!

Without a doubt, this year’s event proved to be one of the best yet and was made possible by the hard work and endurance of keeping a modest yet strong non-profit alive and well. The Caledonian Society of Arizona endeavors to continue on in its effort to promote Scottish culture by putting on the Games as well as by hosting a multitude of other fundraising events. The Games Committee, led by Paul Bell, put on a great show. Thanks to Paul for his enthusiasm, leadership and “can do” attitude in all things GAMES! The committee came together this year, comprised of many, many new faces. There were area chairs in position that were brand new not only to the role they played (and played well) but also as new members of this great Society that we’re building and networking to its highest potential.

Stay tuned for Games 2016. You’ll want to save the date now ~ MARCH 19 & 20, 2016 @ Steele Indian School Park. If you attended this year and are interested in becoming more involved, now is the time. You can contact J. Carro at See you at the next Games (although most assuredly before!)

Jackie Carro is the owner of Marketing Ideals Company, a boutique agency offering marketing, public relations and video production services. Celebrating 20 years, the company promotes cultural events in the Valley and has been working with the Caledonian Society of Arizona for nearly 19 of those years.

May Celebrations
If you would like your special date recognized in our monthly newsletter, we need to hear from you. Please let us know your correct birthday and anniversary information by email to and it will be included in our Celebration list.

May 22 Sandy Sanderson - Birthday
May 25 Dennis Kavanaugh - Birthday
May 31 James Weber - Birthday
May 31 Jennifer & Ian Macfarlane -Anniversary

Famous Scots - Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart

Sir Jackie Stewart walks across the paddock during the Bahrain Formula One Grand Prix
at Bahrain International Circuit

April 19, 2015

How about those trews?

Photo Source:

Mark Thompson/Getty Images (Europe)

Deep Thoughts From Burns

    I love to sing, and I love to drink Scotch.
      Most people would rather hear me drink Scotch

George Burns, that is!   

Membership Renewal Reminder

Dues are still only $25 Single and $40 Family. This admits you to all our wonderful monthly events with food and entertainment provided.

It’s easy to pay by credit card or PayPal, just jump to the Membership Page

Society Meetings
Regular membership meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at the Irish Cultural Center, 1106 N. Central Ave., Phoenix, AZ. beginning at 6:30 pm. Come join us or log on to

Caledonian Society Officers
President: Don Finch
Immediate Past President: Mark Clark
Past President: (2010 – 2012) Jean Latimer
Vice President  
Secretary & Membership Chair: Ian Warrander
Treasurer: David McBee
Games Chair
Paul Bell
Trustee 1: Mark Pelletier
Trustee 2: Michelle Crownhart
Trustee 3: Thom von Hapsburg
Newsletter Editor:

Don Finch
Statutory Agent: Dan Miller
The Mystery Member is David McBee
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