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By Robert M. Wilbanks IV

In recent years, the serious interest of Genealogy in the United States, and around the world, has led to the development and growth of a 1.6 billion dollar industry, with TV shows, software and subscription databases all over the internet. While Genealogy was not necessarily a primary component or purpose of The Caledonian Society of Arizona, its presence is clearly seen through the Scottish Clans, or the interest generated in the general public who attend the Scottish Games and other C.S.A. events.

With this in mind, the officers of The Caledonian Society of Arizona recognize the importance of Genealogy as an element of an ethnic, cultural, and historical organization such as the C.S.A., as well as the contribution that Genealogy can make as an added benefit to members, and to the future growth of our Society.

As a result, I have been asked to head up and develop a Genealogy office and benefit to provide to our members, and so I have been appointed the first “Chief Genealogist & Historian” of The Caledonian Society of Arizona.

I thank you so much for this wonderful and exciting opportunity.


In addition to Genealogy, the term “Historian” is included in the position title as a reference to the historical research and contextual understanding of the history of Scotland as it relates to researching your genealogy. Examples include, Emigration, Immigration and Migration Patterns of the Scottish People, the history of the church in Scotland, Wars and Military service of the Scottish People, the relationship between Scotland and England, and much more. The idea is learning how this history of Scotland and its people in general context effects the understanding of our specific ancestors. More importantly, this historical context is a significant tool of genealogy as it affects our understanding of the creation and existence, or destruction, of historical records which are used in genealogy research. So I’d like to be clear that “Chief Genealogist & Historian” is strictly all about Genealogy of Scotland, and its History as it relates to the Genealogy of Scotland’s people and families.

My idea of the position is to help the Society’s members effectively and more successfully research their Scottish roots and thus have a better understanding of the Context of their Scottish heritage in relationship to other of the Society’s activities and education of Scottish Culture and History, etc. Clearly this is going to be an important function with relationship to The Highland Games, and I am hoping we can develop a team of participants within this “department”, and most importantly having a significant tent and tables with resources, posters, maps, etc., for display and use to help answer questions and get people more interested in their Scottish Roots. Thus, with these services and benefits, we can hopefully see an increase in membership for the Society. (Contact Robert directly at genealogy@arizonascots.com to discuss joining this team)

I see the position as a Genealogy Assistant, Consultant and Teacher for the Society. As we develop this new position title and Department, it will most likely grow to be closely interconnected with other Departments / Officers of the Society, such as the Clans Chair and the Learner’s Arms, and Education, etc. I think we can make this position and title an important and integral part of the Society.

At this time the Chief Genealogist & Historian, of The Caledonian Society of Arizona, will provide the following benefits and services strictly to C.S.A. members:

  1. a key member benefit will be the more in-depth one-on-one special 1 Hour Consultation provided to each member annually, during the membership year, with each renewal
  2. answer quick questions and provide some assistance to members during meetings
  3. provide irregular short (10, 15, 20 minute) presentations on occasion at various meetings, whenever a computer presentation is already being set up for a guest speaker
  4. irregular genealogy column in the C.S.A. newsletter
  5. webpage with genealogy research information and links and more

Lastly, and additionally, I personally, through my business Ancestral Pride : Professional Genealogy Services, will provide a discounted fee schedule only for C.S.A. members who may wish to hire my professional services for a more extensive genealogy research project.

Thank you again for your support, and I look forward to working with all of you in this capacity.
                                    Robert M. Wilbanks IV


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