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The Caledonian Society
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Thanks to the public and to our volunteers for Making the 2015 Scottish Gathering & Highland Games a Success - March 21-22

Next Meeting - Friday April 10th - Volunteer Appreciation Night
     (There will not be a meeting on Thursday, April 9th)

Open to all Highland Games Volunteers - and to all CSA Members

Games Chairman Paul Bell and the CSA Board want to thank all who made last month's Highland Games a roaring success. All those who volunteered, plus all CSA members are welcome to attend.

Date:        Friday April 10, 2015     Time: 6:00 - 9:00 pm
Location:   David and Debi McBee's
                171 S Ranchos Legante, Gilbert, AZ 85296  
                  (off Elliott Rd, just east of Val Vista Rd)
Menu:       Hot dogs, Hamburgers, Vegetarian items, Chips, Snacks,
                soft drinks, coffee, and tea will be provided
Members to bring: Surnames A-M=Side dishes; Surnames N-Z=Desserts
                Volunteers - just bring yourselves
                Everyone bring your own favorite beverages, & a designated driver!

RSVP! to: - size of your party, and what you're bringing

A letter from outgoing President Mark Clark - March 23, 2015

Dear all,

I wanted so much to fulfill my duties one last time as President, by flying back to Phoenix and representing the Caledonian Society of Arizona at our 51st Scottish Highland Games. Like so many others who contribute to the games, I saw and felt great pride in what we achieved.

I took the liberty this time to visit all the areas and see the games from the perspective of the public. I realized how skilled we were in hiding the blemishes, how friendly we were, how professional we acted in times of pressure. We achieved so much from so few chairpersons and volunteers.

In my time as President, I have worked to serve you, the members. The combination of each of you is what keeps the Scottish culture alive here. Without you, the valley truly would be a desert. I can't say it has been difficult being President for these last two years because I have enjoyed creating Scottish events throughout my time serving.

Now it is time to pass on the Presidency to our very well known and liked Vice President, Don Finch. Without doubt, Don has the skills necessary to continue the success of our society. I pass on to Don a society that is healthy financially and a membership of full of great, great characters.

I will always remain close to you all and assist in any way I can from my new home in Texas.          

Wishing Don and "y'all" every success!


From Don Finch, President - March 24, 2015

Dear fellow Caledonians,

I’m honored by the confidence the Board has placed in me to carry on as your new President while fulfilling Mark’s term which runs through June 30th, 2016. In April of next year we will vote on a new leadership team and I encourage you to consider placing your name ‘in the hat’ for one of the many positions it takes to run a successful organization like ours.

The Society’s objective is to celebrate all things Scottish in the Valley of the Sun. We’re doing that at our fun-filled monthly meetings, and our two special events – the Robbie Burns Supper, and the Scottish Gathering & Highland Games.

In my business career we had two objectives: make a profit, and enjoy what you’re doing . Since the Caledonian Society is a ‘non-profit’, we don’t have to worry about that one! So let’s focus on the other goal – enjoying each other’s company while we work together to build the CSA into the premier social and cultural group in Arizona!

Upcoming Events

Apriul 10 - Volunteer Appreciation Party

April 11 - Celtic Women Concert - ICC - more info to follow

May 14 - Monthly Membership Meeting - ICC - 6:30 PM

Membership Dues

Please support the activities of our Society by joining, or renewing your membership for 2015. - - - - - $25 Single - $40 Family
It's easy to pay by Credit Card or PayPal - just jump to the Membership Page!

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