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Upcoming Society Events for 2019

Mark your calendar for these events still to come in 2019.

September 21

October 10 - Our Annual Scotstoberfest returns to Haus Murphy's in Glendale

November 23 - The Society plans to host a St. Andrew's celebration at the ICC in Phoenix

December 14 - For the Hildays, please attend the Celtic Christmas at the Castle (ICC)

President's Letter
David McBee

Well, we were looking to do another Pub crawl in the valley in September but the reality of the heat index sapped us.  Instead of crawling in the heat, we are going to have our monthly meeting at Lochiel Brewing on the 21st at 2:00pm.  There will be Scottish style offerings as well as a pipe band.  Come and enjoy each other’s company.

The Prescott Games are in September this year on the 28th but I will be at a wedding in Maryland.  Make a good showing for us up there in the high valley.
Our Scotstoberfest will be at Haus Murphy in Glendale on 10/10 which has proven to be a well-attended outing with good food and lots of smiles.  This will also be our annual report to membership.

The next cycle of events will be starting soon.  Games planning, Scotstoberfest, St Andrews dinner, Christmas at the castle, Burns dinner…..  Pitch in, let’s have some fun. And how can you pitch in?

Several vacancies still exist for positions both on the CSA board, and for the annual Scottish Games, due to be held in March next year. Obviously with Games planning already under way, it is becoming more imperative than ever that people come forward to fill them.

We are still without a treasurer; a social convener or conveners to organize regular events; a Games area chair for the Clans section; and an area chair for the Pipe Band competitions.

David McBee

Anyone interested in filling these positions should contact me at president@arizonascots.com

or Don Finch at vpmembership@arizonascots.com


Society Membership

Attention Caledonian Society of Arizona Members and Friends.
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Enjoy the many Benefits:
- help preserve Scottish culture in the Valley
- fun & camaraderie with fellow Scots (multi-generational)
- free admission to CSA Gatherings
- free monthly Desert Highlander newsletter
- free annual consultation session with Our Genealogist
- free name/clan badge
- volunteer opportunities galore!

Renew or join now - 2019 prices
- - $30.00 single and $50 Family (at the same address)
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COMING EVENTS : Valley, State, Nearby

September 21 Brews & Bagpipes
Lochiel Brewing, Mesa AZ

September 28-29 Prescott Highland Games
Prescott AZ

October 10 ScotsToberfest
Haus Murphy, Glendale

November 1-3 Tucson Highland Games
Tucson AZ

November 23 St. Andrew's Soiree

December 14 Christmas at the Castle
Irish Cultural Center

March 7-8, 2020 56th Annual Phoenix Scottish Games
Steele Indian School Park, Phoenix

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